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I'm trying to get Java 6 update 21 to work by installing to a Q: drive location as various recipies suggest is possible. At the moment I am launching the "Java(TM) Platform SE binary" via the sfttray /EXE cmd.exe /LAUNCH approach. I'm logged on as a local admin.

This works fine if the sfttray has been "Run As Administrator". I'm able to go to the Q: drive location and run the javacpl.exe no problems. But if its run via a normal cmd prompt, I get a "Network Error : Windows Cannot Access ...." error. It affects some of the exes in this directory, but javaws.exe has no problems for instance.

If I perform the same installation to a local drive/partition Q: drive rather than the App-V mount point, I get a normal UAC prompt for elevation. Any ideas how I tell UAC that the Q: drive is actually not a network drive and prompt the user for elevated rights? I've tried setting XP SP3 compatibility for the exe but still no joy.

Any ideas? If I can get UAC to correct detect that it's not on a network drive that would be a great start. Otherwise, how can I tell it to ignore this file? I'd rather not fall back to a VFS install unless I really have to.

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try to remove the "Enforce Security Descriptors" within the Sequncer tab of Deployment.
Answered 04/02/2012 by: vkleiner
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  • Hi,
    That's in place already. A normal (non admin) account doesn't have the problem; it's only if they are an admin. I know UAC can detect if an app wants to write to HKLM or Program Files, but why not just raise the UAC prompt?
  • create environment variable _Compat_Layer=RUNASINVOKER