Different Methods To Open Command Prompt

Are you looking for possible solutions/workarounds to open command prompt on your Windows 10 OS? Then stay connected with this blog. Here, you will definitely get the various methods to open Windows command prompt.

Command Prompt is a default command-line interpreter present on most Windows operating systems. It is mainly used to execute the command type in it fastly and frequently. Command that is mostly entered on the command prompt are automated tasks via scripts and batch files, for troubleshooting, for advanced administrative functions, and for solving different types of Windows issues/errors.

Command Prompt(cmd.exe) is officially called Windows Command Processor, but sometimes it is also referred to as command shell, cmd prompt, or by its file name as cmd.exe.  It allows you to do some things quicker than you can do them in the graphic interface. 

Why Do We Need to Open Command Prompt? Allows opening/access to some things faster and quicker than you can do them in the graphic interface. Enables to open tools that you just can’t find in the graphic interface. Additionally, it also supports all kinds of keyboard shortcuts that make it more powerful. 

These are various needs that insist users for Windows 10 command prompt commands. So, let's check out the different methods to open command prompt in Windows 10 and older versions.

(Note:- this informative article is based on Windows 10, but many of these methods should also work on earlier versions of Windows.)

Different Ways to Open the Command Prompt

Way 1: Open Command Prompt from the Start Menu

Now, on your Windows 10 System, click on the Windows icon to open the start menu and scroll the menu to get the Windows System folder. Here, click on the Windows system folder, it displays a drop-down menu: click on the Command Prompt to open it.


If you want to run the command prompt as an administrator, then right-click on it and go with More to select the Run as Administrator. Additionally, you can also open the CMD as an administrator by pressing the Ctrl+Shift key and tap on the Command Prompt.


Way 2: Open Command Prompt Using Search Feature

It is one of the fastest methods to open the command prompt by using search. Now, in the search field, enter command prompt or cmd and then enter on the result open(Command Prompt).


If you want to run the command prompt as an administrator, click the run as administrator present on the right side of the search panel. 


Way 3: Open the Command Prompt from the Run box

This method is one of the best ways to open the command prompt in Windows 10 using a run window. Firstly, click Windows+R on the keyboard and then type cmd or cmd.exe and tap on Enter or click Ok. Moreover,  press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open an administrator Command Prompt.


Way 4: Create a Command Prompt Shortcut on your Desktop 

If you prefer using the shortcuts, then you can easily create a shortcut of the command prompt. To-Do So. Right-click or press/hold on space on your desktop or in another folder. Then go to New and select the shortcut from the drop-down list of New.


In the Create shortcut wizard, point your new shortcut to cmd, give it a name like Command Prompt, or CMD, and click Next>>Finish.


Way 5: Use Already- Made Command Prompt Shortcut

In this method, click on the created shortcut to run the command prompt. And, if you want to run the shortcut as an administrator, right-click and then click/tap on the Run as Administrator in the contextual menu.

Way 6: Pin CMD to your Taskbar/Start Menu

You can also pin the Command prompt on the taskbar or the Start menu in Windows 10. Now, to pin the cmd, click on the start menu and scroll the list to opt with the Windows System folder. Right-click, press, or hold on the command prompt and select the More. Here, in the drop-down list of the menu, choose Pin to Taskbar and click on it. Now, go with the taskbar and press double click to open Command Prompt or CMD.