Hi, I will share my successful experience for managing "Detect and Deploy Patches" for 2500+ machines so that it could also help anyone who manages this much number of machines through K1000 appliance.

I have recently given the responsibility to manage K1000 Machine for around 3000 client computers. The main focus is to deploy patches to all the Windows machines.

We have been using 200+ KBox Replica Servers, each for every remote site. In "Detect and Deploy Patches", 'Patch Schedule' is created for 500 to 550 machines each and one schedule runs everyday.

Since many computers give error like "error (Signature Download Failed), waiting to connect" etc. so I have created a fixup schedule for every main schedule where such computers are entered and a force schedule is runned everyday till the time they successfully updates.

It has helped in reducing the errors, successful patch deployment to maximum computers and identifying the problematic computers so that they could be fixed individually.