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Our company programs the computer name into the BIOS of every workstation we put out. I need a reliable way to either pull it from the BIOS->Maintenance->Asset Tag field, or out of the operating system before it lays the image down...then have it rename the computer back to it's previous name post imaging.
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For anyone interested in how to maintain the hostname while deploying a sysprep image to workstations here's what I found... www.kace.com/support/kb/?action=artikel&id=1137 Follow that article. In your sysprep xml file under the shell setup section make sure you have a place holder set in for the computername field. That way the get/set tasks will be able to populate it in the post installation tasks.
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LiteTouch using MDT 2010. You can perform an image deployment called Refresh or Upgrade that allows you to backup the PC, Apply a new image, Restore User Data/Applications with a simple VBS script call.

Answered 03/20/2012 by: Trinity
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IF the workstations are Dell Systems, you can use the Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) in WinPE - "cctk.exe --asset"
you can capture that output with vbscript (maybe .bat, I haven't done that myself)

Answered 03/19/2012 by: ramseygr
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  • That's interesting...any idea how to integrate that into the KBOX deployment scheme?
  • thank you for the replies...
Do you have a K1000 asset system also? If you do, an alternative is if you dont want to hard code it into the bios and make future deployments a little more dynamic you can source your machine names from the K1 asset records and use the post install task listed in this article:
David did a fantastic job of turning this into a post install task for the K2's use. Might reduce your overhead?
Answered 03/26/2012 by: Roonerspism
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