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Take about 24 hours to deploy a 40gb image to a dell precision t5610. I get a red X on Apply Image and I choose to continue. Eventually the deployment finishes after 24 hours. The images is there but, 24 hours seems very long and the bog red X Apply Image does not make me convince it was a successful deployment. Please help!

The Task Error Return Code I get for the big red X is 65533

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  • 65533 is the error code to indicate the task took too long to complete, a.k.a. timed out.

    A few questions need answered to figure out why it's timing out:
    Are you using a k-image or a WIM?
    Was the imaged sysprep'd?
    Have you successfully deployed the same image to other devices?
  • The capture image is about 50 GB. Image Type: K-Image. The System Image is set with Pre-installation Tasks: Create Single Partition and Format C: as NTFS. There's nothing in Mid and nothing in Post. Try to push it to a Dell T5600, same thing.
  • I know this is an old post but it's one of the only results when googling the 65533 return code. Wrestled with this today for a long time and discovered that a task can fail with this return code if the task is using a zip file that was zipped using Windows' zipping function. In my case, it was a post-install task using a zip file with an msi, txt, and bat file in it. Kace kept erroring out saying Windows could not find the bat file to run it, despite it being in C:\Kace\Applications\[appnumber] on the machine being deployed to. The same task/install works flawlessly after I zipped the files using 7zip instead of Windows.

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