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What are people using Windows 7 Audit Mode for? I have never used it for my Windows 7 images and are curious what people are using it for.
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Closed the question. Appears I really have no big use of Audit mode, as .I don't have any drivers, programs and speciel settings in my Win 7 image, to keep it clean. Drivers, programs and speciel settings are deployed via Capainstaller and GPO's.
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I assume you've read this:
Answered 03/29/2012 by: pjgeutjens
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  • Thanks, I have. I was more curious of what kind of changes people do in audit mode, as I personally can think of something I would change with audit mode.

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I've found it's the best way to copy a profile during sysprep. Without it I've had no luck.
Answered 03/29/2012 by: dugullett
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Deployment to Nodes with DIFFERENT Hardware:
1. Start with Windows Reference OS Image.  
2. Install Image to the Computer with 'Different Hardware'. 
3. After installation, run c:\Windows\System32\sysprep>sysprep.exe /audit  /generalize /shutdown

4. Boot the computer to Audit Mode - enable you to install 3rd-party apps, device drivers and to test the functionality of the computer
5. Capture Image by using K2000 KBE (K2000 BOOT ENVIRONMENT) > Imaging> Capture image of this machine
6. Save this Reference Image (K-image) to install on Computers with the same Configuration.

7. If you have Computers with different hardware, boot to Audit Mode
8. Install Additional Apps & Updates based on customer's orders. 
9. Run  c:\Windows\System32\sysprep>sysprep.exe /oobe /shutdown



Answered 04/18/2012 by: Aaron Cool
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  • I use audit mode for building my 'master' image. Without it making a generic image with all our apps (education industry) and 20+ hardware types wouldnt work of the one image. Also as dugullett said, copying the profile is a pain without it and hacking it up after the fact takes too much time and effort.