Well, today was a remote working day. Helping a client with some issues. Last I saw they had App-V 5, no SPs installed. (that was 2 months ago, I know, alarming)

Now all of a sudden they have App-V 5.1, wow big change!!


One of the apps we were doing was an office addin, 'just with Excel'. Having a look at the sequence info, there is a Word and PowerPoint addin, so we create a few extra shortcuts to Word and PowerPoint. NB its worth spending a bit of time installing an application and seeing how it works before sequencing (or packaging)

During the testing, its all good,

Excel launches and loads the addin

  • Excel launches and loads the addin
  • PowerPoint launches and loads the addin
  • Word launches ... and CRASH, you know where this is going....We need to add the reg key, NoReReg...

What a nice time to try that extra feature that Microsoft are so proud about adding. 

Today I imported my first reg key into and App-V sequence using the sequencer. Such a small thing, its not that big a deal. But really it is a big deal.