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"Save as new package" in App-V 5; App-V Generator

We at PACE team receive lots of questions regarding our App-V Generator (a part of PACE Suite), and App-V 5.0, so we decided to post some information.

Quite a popular need of customers is to have 2 instances of the same app virtualized on the same client. To enable this, a change of guids in an App-V package is needed. “Save as new package” functionality which did the job was present in MS Sequencer 4.6 but it is missing in Sequencer 5.0. So the only way to achieve this with Sequencer 5.0 now is to sequence an app again!

Question 1: Does App-V Generator support App-V 5.0?
Answer: No, current version supports App-V 4.6 only. But 5.0 support is under development and will be released soon.

Question 2: Will the problem described above be solved with App-V Generator for App-v 5.0?
Answer: Yes. Current version allows to edit nearly everything in App-V 4.6 package, and this will be possbile for 5.0, as well.

Feel free to post any questions about PACE Suite here at ITNinja, our team is monitoring it. (Post a new question).



PACE Suite team


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Sequencing Visio 2010 and Project 2010 in App-V v5 (some issues)

So thought I would wrap these up nice and quickly to give me some useful pleasing apps to be available in VM View via app-V (for the new client who are keen to see it in action), should be a walk in the park...

So, last minute.com sequence the app, test it out, beautiful,
tweak it a bit, still beautiful.
tweak again, it doesn’t work.

Go back a stage (to an un tweaked version, still doesn’t work)

retest, now it works...
test the other one that didn't work, it now works.

So back and forth for WAY too long on this. Way way too long 

Having a chat to some peoples...'try using a diff sequencer, with out a service pack'
(Currently I have App-V v5 SP1 Seq and Client) latest available version is SP2 (so this could be 'my fault') and SP3 is as I understand on its way.

Just re sequenced it in app-V v5 RTM. (No service pack)

Tested the app, rock solid... (with the tweaks)

3 or 4 rewinds, running as std user, also first launch by double clicking a file, all good.
(I use the MSI to install App-V package)

This is all for Visio, but I was having similar issues with Project 2010, so I will re sequence that with the RTM seq.

Also, just in case anyone is interested in the details....
Sequencing Visio and Project separately (kind of obvious) it was Visio Standard and Project Professional, both with SP2, using KMS activation via the all too familiar 'Office 2010 Deployment Kit AppV v14.0.4763.1000'

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Virtualisr – FREE App-V 4.6 and App-V 5.x Automated Sequencing

I've been working on a tool recently to convert MSI, CMD, BAT and VBS files to App-V 4.6 and App-V 5.  I did originally intend for this to be a free tool, but it's taken me so long I thought I'd charge a nominal £1 per conversion - still massive savings compared to other conversion solutions out there.  It uses Oracle Virtual Box virtual machines to perform the sequencing, so we are able to use specific customer builds to sequence on.  An overview of the tool's functionality can be found below, or you can find out more information here.  Thanks!

Link to Tool:


  • Keep your installation files local and secure
  • Utilise industry leading Oracle virtualisation software
  • Bulk import multiple applications to convert
  • Automatically use the same naming convention as your MSI/scripts, or manually change them
  • Perform batch automated* conversions of .MSI, .VBS, .BAT and .CMD to App-V 4.6 and App-V 5 formats
  • Apply one or many transforms (MSTs) to MSI installations
  • Manually specify package names (auto-generated from imported MSI/MST name as default)
  • Perform MNT/VFS installations (App-V 4.6)
  • Manually specify PVAD, or automatically set PVAD to actual installation directory (App-V 5/MSI only)
  • Specify App-V templates, Full Load, Mount Drives etc
  • Record Problem Step Recorder screenshots for manual captures
  • Output to logical folder structure
  • Compatible with Oracle VirtualBox and VMWare Workstation virtual machines
  • License not used for failed conversions**
  • Unlimited remote support

* scripted installations can only be automatically converted if the scripts themselves are automated with no human interaction required.

** sufficient error handling required in scripts


Version History

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

Version 1.1 (14/02/15)

  • Bug fixes
  • Import folder depth
  • EXE support
  • Installation arguments
  • Visual tweaks

Version 1.2 (08/06/15)

  • Fixed bug that prevented snapshots from populating

Version 1.3 (04/07/15)

  • Added STA mode for OLE copy and paste between cells
  • Update PVADs based on Package Name change

Version 1.4 (26/07/16)

  • Supports VirtualBox 5.x
  • Consequently the broken logic has been fixed when selecting VM snapshots
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    App-V v5 Sequencer crash, an unorthodox approach

    On a recent site, there were many issues sequencing an application. The App-V v5 sequencer kept crashing. (might be due to it needing , or requesting a reboot)
    Tried sequencing the outsourced MSI, the tidied MSI, and the original EXE file. (yep, 3 sources) all ways the same result.
    Sequencer always crashed.
    We tried quite a few approaches to this, different approaches to the reboot, running the app, not running the apps.
    Walking home I had an idea..

    Sequence this in app-v 4.6 then convert to app-v v5. It nearly worked, I only had a Win7 x86 App-v 4.6 machine.
    It worked better, but didn't quite work fully (we are currently doing Win 8.1 x64).

    Final plan
    Seq on Win8.1 x64, with App-V 4.6
    Convert 4.6 sft to .appv

    Successful conversion, we have an app-V v5 app!!...

     I have had to do this a few times, probably 4 or 5 times, not a huge amount, but I have definitely done it. It might be useful idea to keep tucked away in your tool box of fall back plans.

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    App-V v5.1 whats new (a peek)

    A bit of an early view of what is happening with App-V v5.1

    To help people migrate from App-V v4.

    improved Q:\ drive support when converting v4 packages
    added support for multiple scripts per trigger

    modernised app-V server user interface.
    Consolidated client logging (improved)

    Application compatibility
    Windows 10 Support
    NEW Advanced package editor abilities
    Expanded Copy-on Write to support more file extensions
    Environment variables are merged in Connection Groups

    Package Editor Enhancements

    Virtual File System
    Package manifest can be exported and imported
    can import a directory of files in VFS (Finally!!)
    File export/import allows updating VFS without deleting & re-adding

    Virtual Registry
    Can export/import .REG files (Finally!!)
    new find and replace dialog

    Browser Helper Objects
    Can be enabled or disabled


    I am looking forward to testing the new bits in the Package Editor.
    When is it out you ask?? This summer, early summer, late summer I don't know, they have just said 'summer'.


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